Fallout 4: Running Low On Ammo? Your Enemy Won’t Know That [S&R]

Fallout is best when your character is desperate and that’s where Fallout 4 can expand upon. That’s what the folks over at S&R suggest as they think Fallout has been struggling in balancing availability with scarcity.

S&R say that after all it is the post apocalypse of course and you are supposed to have to scavenge for equipment and you have to hoarde your resources, which are scarce.

However they point out that this is hard in an open world game has the gamer has very little control over the path of the character.

They said that one of the best moments in Fallout 3 was when they were crippled and had got down to the last few hit points. They were going to hide in a house that was decaying and they had used the last of their ammo. The gun broke when fighting and they started to use a baseball bat. They beat a Raider and then got his weapon and killed the last of them, just before he could have killed them.

S&R said that they did not own any stims and drinking from a dirty toilet brought their rads to a very dangerous level, they then pushed skeletons off the and slept.

S&R said that they then managed to get enough supplies from the house and made it to the next town, trading goods for supplies.

They believe that stamina and hunger meters only matter providing resources are not always available. S&R claimed that they played New Vegas on hard-core and they love the additions, however it did not mean much when you have 10 pounds of water and food, along with some Doctor Bags after playing for some hours.

S&R say that they did not mind playing Fallout 3 without hunger or water meters and having to heal with food. They said that if stims were hard to find, you would have to look for food and this would be the same as trying to fill a hunger meter.

The blog said that they did not have a solid solution for it, but they did say that they wanted more moments like the example above. S&R think that Fallout is a better game when you are desperate. They think that conundrums of morality mean more if giving a beggar a drink of water means that you have to give up something that you will need.

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