Google Nexus 5 Advanced MEMS Camera: What’s The Story?

The Nexus 5 hasn’t been announced by Google, however recent leaks have started to offer a picture of what we could expect. Myce and Android World had a 10MB log file and they have continued to look into this. Now a rumour is going around that the Nexus 5 could arrive with new camera tech. it may have a camera that would be similar to the Lytro camera, with 8MP. The module for the camera was found to have a sensor with the model number IMX179. A search of this gives you a PDF document for the Mems cam.

So what exactly is the Mems cam?

When you go into the Mems cam, you can see that Sony make an 8MP sensor with the number of UMX179 and this has been seen in China’s Meizu MX3, which arrived in early September. The 8MP camera in the MX3 isnt slow by any means, but it isn’t the Mems cam. You can check out some samples taken with it in different lighting. While it is not a bad camera, this isn’t the wild new camera tech.

So we don’t want to spoil the “Nexus 5 has a Lytro-style camera!” party, but actually the only thing that does tie the Nexus 5 to the Mems Cam is the model number and this is what people are going on. IMX179 isn’t even a model number for the DigitalOptics Mems Cam modules; it’s just the Sony sensor that is being used. So the camera sensor and the module are not one and the same thing.

However let’s assume that the camera module in the Nexus is the new Mems cam by Digital Optics and not the Sony 8MP sensor. What would it offer? Well it would offer a lot of awesome things.

It would capture 6 images in seconds from different focus zones and put them in one file. This means that you could refocus later as you wanted. This would be same as the Lytro camera. The tech however is different, but the end would be the same result.

The Mems cam also comes with fast autofocus and you can see what we mean with the video from Engadget.

Then Vic Gundotra said that Google is “committed to making Nexus phones insanely great cameras.” Some people have pointed out that the camera housing for the Nexus 5 looks new. So maybe Vic was hinting at the Mems cam.

So will the Nexus 5 have the Mems Cam? It might, but at the moment there isn’t any evidence that suggests it clearly will. The only thing that we do now is that the Sony 8MP camera sensor comes with the model number IMX179.

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