GTA 5 Fruit Shows Rockstar Favors iPhone Over Android


There has been a great deal of frustration about the Fruit app for GTA 5 not showing up on Android. Apple iPhone users have been using the app already and this is something that has left fans of the game saying that Rockstar care more about iOS than Android.

GTA 5 is raking profits in for Rockstar around the world, but it seems that the choice to release the iOS app before it is revealed on Android, has caused fury. Now there is a huge debate going on and you do have to wonder if Rockstar regret releasing it first.

Android owners are spitting made about it and we have seen many comments from readers about the lack of the app for Android and it has led to some remarks that have been uncompromising.

The response hasn’t been just down to the Fruit app itself, but a much wider argument about the merits of the two platforms and even down to devices, such as the iPhone and the Samsung Galaxy devices. Owners of iOS are quite happy to point out that Android lags behind when it comes to getting apps. However those who own an Android phone are happy to pull down the iPhone.

Some people have held their hands up and said that both iOS and Android have pros and cons. Some have said that they cannot see why some people are getting upset about it as it is just another app.

However there are many who see the lack of the app on Android as being a bad move on the part of Rockstar. More so with the market share that Android has. Some feel that Rockstar made a deal with Apple to reveal the app first on iOS. This is something that we have heard more than once.

It does seem to have been a contentious move on the part of Rockstar as it seems that those who have an Android device have been ignored by Rockstar. We still have not heard about a release date for the app for Android and this issue is just going to get worse. So what do you think about it?

As the app has only been made available on iOS at the moment, does this mean that Rockstar are in bed with iOS and Apple? Are you angry over the fact that the app hasn’t arrived on Android yet and there isn’t any sign of it doing so?


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