GTA 5 Online 1.05 Update: What’s Required

We wanted to know what people thought about GTA Online. Of course people should be talking about how amazing the game is and what a superb job Rockstar has done with the game says Product-Reviews. However it seems as though there have been many issues going on with GTA V Online and following the update to 1.04 these got worse as it cut incomes in half when repeating missions.

So to get an idea of what people are feeling you only have to read some of the feedback from all the angry players. GTA 5 Online Heists were the last resort for being able to earn money following the income drop.

There was also a backlash along with shock horror when players discovered for the first time that they would get less money. Rockstar admitted that they cut down the amount of income thanks to balance changes; however gamers have been finding ways to get around this thanks to some glitches.

We have heard feedback from gamers who complained that they are fed up with their character being deleted and so the missions that they had originally liked were no longer enjoyable to them.

However there are some players who have not had any issues and they have found ways to earn money.

So with all of the above in mind, what would you like to see with the next update for GTA V? fixes still need to be made, however Rockstar are not going to bring back the original income but at least they have given fans a sweetner of $500,000.

Have the issues put you off from playing GTA 5 Online?

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