GTA 5 Online Guide: The Many Ways To Get Rich

If you have to have the best house, weapons and cars in GTA Online then you will have to make yourself a lot of cash. There are many ways to get money in GTA Online, but some of them are not always apparent.

When the patch 1.04 came out it changed payout structures for mission and so jobs are paying only half of what they used to.

There is the stimulus package of course, which is Rockstars way of saying sorry for all the issues when GTA Online was first launched. Players who log in in October will get $500,000 bankroll.

This will come in two instalments. Rockstar said that the first $250,000 would be available in week of 13th to 20th October.

Jobs can help you gain stats, rank and reputation along with cash. The more you take on the rewarding jobs become.

You can find jobs all over the map and one of the best ways is to check quick jobs on the in game phone. You can also receive invitations from other players to take part in jobs, along with completing elements of the in game story to open up types of jobs.

Survival matches unlock once you get to level 15 and these are a superb way to earn money. If you make it to the end of level 10, which takes around 10 minutes, you get $20,000. The survival missions are from 1 to 4 players and if you work as a team they are simple to win. You can always play these as many times as you want and the plane boneyard map has a building that allows you to get on the roof and this gives you an advantage.

You can get quick cash by stealing cars and robbing stores. Car theft is good but you can only perform them infrequently and you can have fun with robberies.

Los Santos Customs Mod Shops will buy cars that are not tracked, so you can get money here. However the police are always on the look-out for stolen cars. You can only sell one car every 48 minutes or one per in game day. SUVs fetch as good price, between 3, 5 and 7k. Lampadeti Felons will sell for above $9,000.

The Richman region is one of the best for looking for high end cars to steal.

Simeon offer a wish list of cars that are high priced and he will send you a text of a list of cars he wants. If you find one and take it over to the mod shop and get a re-spray then take it to the docks you will get a good reward.

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