GTA 5 vs Saints Row 4 vs Battlefied 4: Which Is Best? [S&R]

GTA 5 will come out will be making its way out on 17th September, while Battlefield 4, which was revealed a while back, will come out 5 days after GTA 5. However since S&R said this, an update came out saying that Battlefield 4 is not coming out until 29th October.

Back in 2011 Battlefield 3 was released 10 day in from of Modern Warfare 3. S&R is asking if as GTA 5 is being hyped and has being confirmed since late 2011, and pre-orders have been available for a long time, will this have any effect on the sales of Battlefield 4?

So will Battlefield 4 have any effect on the sales of GTA 5?

S&R say that although they come from two different genres, the two games will appeal to people who will want to play both games. Battlefield 4 however will be in competition with Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 4, which will follow on in November Call of Duty release cycle.

They also say that GTA 5 will have to compete with Saints Row IV and Watch Dogs, which will be releasing around the same time. S&R say that Saints Row IV will come out in September and Watch Dogs in October.

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