Minecraft Xbox 360 TU13 Update: What Can We Expect?

A 4J Studios spokesman has been giving out details about the TU13 patch for Minecraft Xbox 360. On Twitter on 9th September, one fan asked if there was a way to boost rail speed and not have lag.

The spokesperson answered by revealing the next update would double the speed of the mine carts and he teased gamers would be able to make and ride more roller coasters. He said: We’ll be changing the minecart speeds to twice the current speed in TU13. MOAR Rollercoasters!”

Some fans were worried that Minecraft Xbox 360 will not get an update following the release of Minecraft on Xbox One. The spokesperson said that patch releases would continue. He said: We’ve already tweeted twice that we’ll continue updating Xbox 360 after Xbox One is out. Correction… 3 times :)

4J Studios confirmed the TU13 patch for Minecraft Xbox 360 would fix bugs. At the moment the studio has not revealed when the title update will come out.

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