The ABC Of Pokemon X & Y

If you’re a Pokemon fan, you’ll love the latest rumours about Pokemon X&Y. There’s been a lot of talk about a Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity follow up in Europe, as well as a new 3DS XL coming to Japan. Now June’s here, we’re having a look at last month’s X&Y rumours.

The Pokemon X&Y release is said to the biggest since Diamond and Pearl came out. There’s not much else been said, but apparently there’s four new characters coming to the game, which, incidentally, is set in Kalos, France. Fans can ride one of the Pokemon – Go-Goat, but we’ve not heard much else about game play or anything else.

There should be news at the E3 on 11th June, which will be the first day. Game Freak is to hold a roundtable, which is to last for around one and a half hours. This is when they will talk all about Pokemon X and Y.

In Japan there’s a new 3DS LL (the 3DS XL to folks outside of Japan) coming out. This is supposed to have been inspired by Eevee and this is a cute-looking unit. It won’t hit the US, though, and Japanese fans will have to play a lottery for the chance to snaffle one. This unit looks better than the US one, which has the Pikachu image on it.

Any European owners of Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity are going to love the fact that there’s six new dungeons coming their way, courtesy of DLCs. Poke Forest will be free for one month, then others will become freely available. Some DLC will have storage, some will offer challenges.

In Japan, you can aim to get a figure – Red Genesect NF – which can be used in the game. We’ve not heard anything else about the release worldwide, though. Pokemon Fusion, however, is offering a Generation One Pokemon, which will appear in hybrid form. We’d choose Magneusaur or Belldrio, while Kataku is offering a plush Pokemon figure.

There’s been no news about Pokemon Black and White 2, so it may well be all over. We’ll soon find out.


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