Pokemon X & Y Evolution News: Jynx, Absol, Pinsir & More!

There has been many rumours flying around about Pokemon X & Y, which could suggest that quite a few of the existing Pokemon may be about to be getting evolved.

Pokemon X & Y is set to come out in October, however at the moment there is not much to know about the game. What fans want to know is what Pokemon could be included and it any of the Pokemon that exist or which are new, could get evolved.

There has already been talk about Pokemon X and Y coming with a new type of Pokemon, which would be the fairy type of Pokemon. However rumours do suggest that some of the Pokemon already in the game could actually adapt in many ways.

There have been many rumours going around and we are going to present these to you and you can then decide for yourself.

So here they are:

Pokemon X & Y: Absol Evolution

Absol, which is one of the favourites of ours has been seen in a photo and could be thanks to an evolution. However the change will not be dramatic, but the photo shown does show that Absol will have a new form.

Pokemon X & Y: Jynx Evolution

Jynx has seen a prevolution already and she could be about to get a third evolution.

Pokemon X & Y: Pinsir and Heracross Prevolution

It has also been said that Heracross and Pinsir may be about due for prevolutions and looking at the image it could become true. Sableeye has been said to be coming in the Pokemon movie this year and we have seen the evolution that he will have.

Pokemon X & Y: Starter Evolutions – Froakie, Fennekin, Chespin

Another image shows us that a set of evolved forms for the Pokemon X and Y starters, Froakie, Fennekin and Chespin. It was said that the photos shown would be the forms of the Pokemon, however we believe that this could be their second evolved forms.

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