Pokemon X & Y News: New Details Spam The Blogosphere!

The CoroCoro magazine from Japan has again released details about the upcoming Pokemon X and Y game. They have also confirmed news about the types of Pokemon that we already had information about.

You do have to take into account that the names are in Japanese. The details are as follows:

Xerneas – the Legendary Pokemon that graces the box of Pokemon X – is a Fairy type Pokemon and has the ability Fairy Aura, which boosts Fairy Type attacks. It also can learn the move Geo Control, which is exclusive to Xerneas.

Yveltal – the Legendary Pokemon that features on the front of Pokemon Y – is a Dark/Flying type Pokemon. Yveltal has the ability Dark Aura, which boosts Dark Type attacks. It can also learn the move Death Wing, which is exclusive to Yveltal.

Goronda is the aggressive Pokemon, and is the evolution of previously announced Panda Fighting Pokemon Pancham. Goronda can be spotted on the second page of the CoroCoro scan and is a Fighting/Dark Type Pokemon. It has the ability Iron Fist and can learn Hammer Arm.

Maika is the revolution Pokemon, and is the jellyfish-like Pokemon on page three of the CoroCoro scan. It is a Dark/Psychic Type Pokemon and has the abilities Contrary and Suction Cup. It can also learn the new move Turn Over, which is a Dark Type move and reverses any stat changes.

Karamanero is the reversal Pokemon and is the evolution of Maika. Karamanero is a Dark/Psychic Type Pokemon and tt knows Hypnosis.

Shushupu is the perfume Pokemon and is a Fairy Type Pokemon. It is the pink bird-like Pokemon at the top of page four of the CoroCoro scan. Shushupu has the ability Healer and also knows Aromatherapy.

Peropuff is the Cotton Candy Pokemon and is, well, the Pokemon that looks like cotton candy on the fifth page of CoroCoro. It is a Fairy Type Pokemon and has the new ability Sweet Bell, which prevents it from falling asleep. Peropuff also knows a new move Drain Kiss.

CoroCoro gave out more general details about the game.

Is seems that Honedge has no guard and is the spirit sword.

The professor in the game is Professor Plantane and he will fight you.

Gym leaders are Zakuro and Shitoron, however we don’t know what types these are.

Clauncher and Peropuff will be exclusive to Pokemon X and Y.

Skrelp, who was previously revealed along with Sushupu will be exclusive to Pokemon Y.

Team Flair is the Kalos region team and their dream is to become rich.

PSS will have a lot of new features. HoloCaster will offer the latest news through Pokemon Global Link, Happy Sign lets you know the feelings of your friends. O Power works just the same as Pass Power and this means that you can give along with receive to others. Miracle Trade is to replace Exciting Trade, which means you are able to trade around the world. PSS comes with Global Trade Station.


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