Pokemon X & Y News: VIP Event Coming Up

If you are a fan of Pokemon and you in and around the New York region of the US then there is good news for you. Nintendo have said that they will be holding a special launch event for Pokemon X and Y over at the flagship Nintendo World Store. This is where the Pokemon X and Y midnight launch will take place too.

We brought you some rumours about the game earlier on this week. The first was a photo of what the final evolution for Froakie would be, Greninja. Fans were shocked and then another rumour followed that said a new entry for the badger Pokemon would be entering the game.

At the moment we are waiting for verification of the photos. Nintendo said that the Pokemon X and Y event is to take place over at Nintendo World in New York at 9pm ET. The event will continue until 1am and so fans can enjoy the activities as the countdown to the midnight release happens, where they will be able to buy the game in store.

At the moment we are unsure if the popular Reggie-Fils-Aime will be over at the store to greet buyers. However we can tell you that you can participate in Pokemon trivia, a chance to win prizes and enjoy music by way of the in-house DJ.

It was said that Pikachu is going to make an appearance. Entry is free and it should be worth attending for the giveaways if nothing else.

Fans have been waiting for a long time for the game, and now the wait is almost over. Let us know if you will be going to Nintendo World.

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