Pokemon X & Y: The Top 5 Pokemons To Have

It will be some time before we see tricks and exploits for Pokemon X and Y. However from the start it is clear that some Pokemon are better than others to own. So with that in mind here are the top 5 Pokemon.

Mega Mewtwo Y – Mega Mewtwo is banned in most of the competitive play modes, however it can be used in Random matchup online play and it is one of the most frightening Special Attackers. The mega evolution make it overpowered but the insomnia ability is all but useless.

Malamar – is the squid owl that may not look all that on paper but its brand new ability makes it stand out. Contrary will reverse all stat changes made to it and the new topsy turvy will apply the same affects to opponents.

Greninja – is a speed based Pokemon and is one of the best of the three starters. It has several moves that are able to buff its attack stat but on the downside it is squishy. On saying that after some power up punches he is unstoppable.

Tyrantrum – looks like a badass Pokemon and is the dragon type and it proves that these types of viable, as it has a hit that is like a truck.

Mega Venusaur – there isn’t a lot between the mega version of Kanto starters; however it is dominated by fairies and so this quadrapedal tank is the best way to go. It can deal with common defensive threats and cover its own weakness, Think Fat.

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