Xbox One & Its Five Dumb Features

Microsoft must have been really surprised at the reaction of fans when they revealed the Xbox One recently. Mind you they showed us how to watch TV on it instead of what we really wanted to see which was playing games. Here are five reasons why the Xbox One has received such a negative reception.

Blocking Games: Microsoft has looked towards PRs to mend the damage following the announcement that the system would block the use of used games in some way. However the news is out and the damage has been done. The PR excuse is that the policies have not been finalised. The system needs games to be installed on the hard drive in order to play them, but there is no way round the rampant game sharing without having unique CD keys. It is unknown how Microsoft will get around this and this does seem to be behind the reason why most people are avoiding the console.

Online Checking: It seems that Microsoft will be following on with the online check system of Steam, with the Xbox One. This would mean the console would go online every 24 hours in order for it to be able to play games. However it seems that this is not set in stone; as microsoft said that this could be as soon as every two minutes. This is as stupid as blocking used games as not all gamers will have access to internet that is high speed. It sounds as though the console was designed by rich engineers who always have access to internet connections that is perfect. This is something that could end up leaving egg on the faces of Microsoft.

Kinect that is always on: If you at all worried about privacy then this is something that will bother you. It seems that the Xbox One is unable to work without the Kinect sensor being attached. This means that it always listens to you, even when the console is switched off. Microsoft says that this is needed so that you can turn the system on using a voice command. However it does mean that this is a massive privacy invasion in the event the system should be compromised. Someone could perhaps get into the system and then be able to watch you. It appears that if hackers can do this with webcams in Apple Stores, they can do it with the Kinect.

HDMI Only Output: This may not be such a big deal for the majority of people; however the Xbox One only comes with a video HDMI output. The PS4 has a component output, so it does seem strange that Microsoft would cut of people who do not have HDMI TV, from being able to pay the console. With adoption of HDTV growing, this may leave many people not being able to use the console when it launches thanks to them being unable to connect the console to the TV.

What about the games: One of the biggest issues when the console was revealed was a lack of games, with the whole focus of the game being on things that no one really cared about. The way that we watch entertainment has changed from 205. Many people have chosen to do away with the cable box and now use streaming services. Microsoft for some reason chose to concentrate on the cable box. They need to change the focus, along with their message about the system and they need to do it fast. If not then Sony will walk over them with their next generation console, easily.

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